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I'd prefer to know the people who are reading my journal, which can have pretty personal issues. I'd like to friend people I respect or those who seem respectful.

If you want to be added, please leave a message in the comments, and tell me how you found me and who you are, if I don't already know!


I got my first nosebleed today!

Is that, like ,a weird thing to get excited over?

Maybe... But I remember back in my last high school in Romania seeing an American classmate with a nosebleed and having her tell me she gets them frequently when she's stressed - we were applying to universities! - and me wondering when it feels like and being amazed.  And hearing/seeing other classmates get it...  It seemed so weird.

But I got blood on my blanket, phooey.  But they're used to it now because I tend to bleed all over the place during my periods anyway...

New experiences! HAHAHAAA.

Deep Sea Mermaid

Group work

Can be good only when you're interested in the topic, everybody does their part, and there's no huge personality clash. Or several...

I have an International Business Strategy group paper due Thursday by 3pm, both by email and hard copy... But my group has a first draft done so I'm going to edit two sections tonight (I already edited the other sections Monday night). And Wednesday we'll just read it at leisure and fix small things and maybe even have it done by Wednesday afternoon! Amazing...

grief dazed

Fuck being here while someone's dead in Chicago/Evanston

Yeah, sucks tht you cant mourn with others who knew them.

Suck that you have an exam tomorrow nad havne't been ahble to study the past two days because of sa migraine.

Sucks that someone apooglogies for seeming heartless or they might beh eartless, but i should concentraet on studying right now.

Yeah, if I had wanted ta kind of response, i would've talked ot my parents about it.  becaues they're big on just accepting what is and not feeling sad about no t being there when others die or are dying and all that being part of God's plan. Yesah, i'm sorry that I actually fucking care about not being able to fucking say good bye to people i knew, evne casually , evnebriefly when they dead.  Yeah, i'm sorry I prefer taken strength forom others who knew them...  I'm sorry I can't fucking ahdnle not bieng there when someone dies.  

Deep Sea Mermaid

I'm listening to my "slow" playlist on iTunes

And it's full of ballads, unsurprisingly.

I've already cried from "Four Seasons of Loneliness."

But I just started my period so it makes sense I'd be affected more easily with songs or books or movies or...really, anything.

Life is confusing...

But it can be so powerful...  And I'm cowardly for wanting to hide away from my emotions.

Friends You Can Laugh With

My migraine made me miss a birthday party

And it's a ibrhtday party for one of the first people who ever invited me to hang out outside of school - the first day of class, in fact - and who is a very caring guy.  He or another friend made sure I got home safely the first few times I hung out late at night with them and others.

I feel really bad for missing his birthday party, and the few tidbits I'm getting from others seems like it is a blast! (It's still on-going but at 23:56, no way I can get there with public transport and still have time to enjoy it before everybody leaves.)

Aaaah, but sto lat, Robert!

Even though he doesn't know I have a LJ...

Deep Sea Mermaid

In-person friends are ovverrrated

It's much safe r to have friends online because even if you constantly move, the way or modeo f ocmmunication doesn't change much.

And if your friendship and connectionis based on in-person jokes and hanging out ofr hours and such, and soething changes or one person steps back...ith urts more.

so fuck IRL friends and interactions.

Delerium - Out to lunch

(no subject)

I feel like clawing off my skin and screaming. My brain is not calm, it's racing and I'm scared of going outside in case I...explode. Or scream. But maybe scremaing in my room or the study and dancing to extremely obnoxoiusly loud music and laughing will lbe safer. it's bueaitufl outside though, so bueatiufl. I almost feel like I'm drunk -=and I know my typing seems like it - but no aclchool is in me. none. Just....energy.

(and fear.)


Four years, seven months, eleven days.


Blood siren

i fucked up bad

Really bad.

"Woodland Faerie"

(no subject)

I think I am slowly making friends here.  But they are a lot more social than I am.  But we also live so far away from each other.

Man, I was very spoiled living on a residential college for basically five years.
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I'm at O'Hare International Airport

My flight leaves in about an hour, we board in about twenty.

This past week has been very busy. I had a good time.

I cried in the security line. I'll probably cry on the plane.

I really don't want to leave. But I'm glad I even have this chance.

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